Clinical aspects of Natural Health

In this section we seek contributions documenting various clinical aspects of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health

Clinical studies

The journal of CM&NH fosters the publication of clinical studies in the field of micronutrients and other bioactive substances in relation to human health. Clinical trials are defined as research projects that prospectively assign people to an intervention with or without concurrent comparison or control groups to study cause-effect relationships between a health-related intervention and a health outcome (International Committee or Medical Journal Editors). The range of clinical studies published in the journal of CM&NH comprises full scale, double blind, placebo controlled studies as well as observational studies of smaller scale.

Case reports and testimonials

The journal of CM&NH encourages the submission of well-documented case reports or case series addressing the health benefits of micronutrients and other natural heath compounds (both from therapists and patients). Case-reports are purely based on facts and support clinical management of similar conditions.


Articles designed to teach a specific set of information or skills, often focusing on clinical implications/ practices.