Mission statement

The Journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health (CM&NH) is the first international, non-commercial journal dedicated to research about natural health. Its overarching mission is to create a suitable venue for promoting transformational thinking, bridging the various disciplines of life sciences and serving global evidence-based preventive health care via quick, worldwide dissemination of scientific insights to a broad audience.

Key words/ objectives:

  • Establish a platform for freshening ideas and innovative concepts.
  • Broaden the research spectrum, so as to include preventive health care in addition to interventional medicine.
  • Encourage innovative ideas and reflective activism in direct engagement with preventive health care.
  • Empower health practitioners to make better decisions & deliver better care.
  • Build bridges between theory-driven research and practical applications.
  • Provide a scientific basis for a new health care system, based on effective, affordable natural control of disease instead of patented synthetic drugs.
  • Guarantee fast and professional peer review.


The journal of CM&NH is keen on publishing innovative high-quality, peer-reviewed, original scholarly and scientific publications from various disciplines within the broad spectrum of life sciences, with a major focus on natural health.

The following types of original contribution will be considered for peer review and publication: research articles, review articles, short communications, conference proceedings, clinical studies, case-reports, testimonials, tutorials, reports on community health projects, opinion articles, student papers, new ideas and theoretical concepts.

Open access

The journal of Cellular Medicine and Natural Health embraces an open access philosophy. It is our understanding that access to scientific manuscripts should not be restricted to elite institutions and organizations, or based upon ability to purchase, but should be available for anyone anywhere, free in monetary terms for authors and readers.

Editorial Board
Boukje Nass, MSc. Editor in Chief
Dr. Alexandra Niedzwiecki Scientific Editor in Chief
Dr. Bilwa Bhanap Scientific Editor
Editorial Board
Dr. Wong Ang-Peng Malaysia
Dr. Cesare Roberto Italy
Dr. Georgios Katsonis Cyprus
Dr. Vadim Ivanov USA
Dr. Waheed Roomi USA
Dr. Ana Goc USA
Dr. Neha Shanker USA
Dr. Steve Harakeh Saudi Arabia
Terry Buter The Netherlands
Dr. Shrirang Netke India