Micronutrients in mitigating the adverse health effects of air pollution

Air pollution is a major environmental risk to human health and wellbeing. According to WHO reports in 2012, ambient (outdoor) and indoor air pollution was linked to seven million premature deaths worldwide. Most of them were attributed to cardiovascular diseases (stroke and ischemic heart disease), chronic obstructive pulmonary […]

How to flourish in today’s stressful work climate

In today’s demanding society, more and more people suffer from work-related stress and stress-related pathology. Job stress has a detrimental impact on the individual and the organization. It can undermine motivation, engagement and productivity, and increase absenteeism. It may trigger emotional states including irritability, anxiety, depression and behavioral […]

Comparison of the efficacy of several nutritional supplements on cancer and normal cells growth

The majority of scientific and epidemiological evidence supports the beneficial effects of micronutrient supplementation on various aspects of health. However, there have also been reports that some dietary supplements and vitamins can promote the growth of cancer. Given that the popularity and use of nutritional supplements […]