Towards ‘Health for All’ in Uganda

In 2014, under the banner of our Movement of Life campaign, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation launched a project to bring the message of natural health to some of the people who are in the greatest need of it: school children in poor areas of Uganda in Africa. Led by Gyavira Mwesige, our Movement of Life national coordinator in Uganda, our goal was to teach children about the health-promoting properties of the fruits and vegetables they could grow in their own gardens, both at school and at home.

How my disease taught me to reclaim my health

Mike had been feeling unwell and extremely tired for a long time before he desperately decided to go and see a doctor for a diagnosis. After undergoing the usual medical examinations he was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. The only comment made by the specialist at the Academical Hospital who examined him was that it is not possible to cure this chronic disease. […]

School Gardening Project Uganda

In March 2015, the Movement of Life Uganda team launched a school gardening project at the St. Agnes Centre for Education in Mbarara town, located in the Western Region of Uganda. Led by Gyavira Mwesige, the project involves growing fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal plants. Enthusiastically supported by […]